What I enjoy most about family history research is the glimpses into the past, the events and details which portray people who can be both so like us and so different at the same time. Most of the details of their day-to-day lives are hidden from us. For something to be recorded requires it to be notable, which generally means out of the norm. For many families the most commonly found documents shedding light beyond the brief mentions in Parish Registers are wills and probate inventories. Both can give some insight into the lives of individuals, though wills in particular are often frustrating in what they don’t say. However few survive for the Issells, due to the loss of most Devon wills in enemy action in 1942. All the parishes in which Issells lived were in Totnes Archdeaconry, whose wills had not even been calendared.

There are, though, a few documents surviving which mention Issells, telling us about certain individuals and / or events happening around them, and these can be set alongside what we learn of places, people and events prominent or occurring during their lives which must have impacted on them.


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