This page provides links to the various Issell families on my tree, who it is not possible to link up at present.

** This is not yet complete **

They are probably all cousins of some sort. Evidence of the links may well not survive and so they may never be linked up, though as more indexing is done some links may be found in the future.

To view a list of all the ‘Issells’ (i.e. all spellings, both phonetic verions)

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Unfortunately neither the phonetic search nor the metaphone search are good at picking up the variants spellings of Issell.  To search for a particular Issell you may find the associated names option useful (on the ‘advanced search‘ pages, individual or family; surname option). However,  this will only return those for using the ‘broad search‘ option (dropdown and sidebar option on tree pages; not available on advanced search page) allows for those with the surname as their main name, an alias or a married name to be viewed at once but at present only a single spelling. Most are on the tree with the surname spelt as Issell, so you may find this useful if looking for a woman and you don’t know if Issell was her married or maiden name, or to get an overview of the Stokenham Issells.

A majority of those with the name spelt Issell on the ‘tree’ here are descendants of John Issell who died in Stokenham in 1638, and probably of his wife Agnes.
Although John is currently ‘patriarch’ of his family, his father may be on the tree.
The two most likely possibilities are:

  • Richard, baptised in Ipplepen in 1558, grandson of Robert, birth est 1500, in the table below; that Richard is likely to be the Richard Eastley birth est 1564 in the table (this is suggested by the fact that John of Stokenham named his oldest known son Richard);
  • Leonard, who had a son John baptised in 1596 in Dartington. Whilst this John was probably the one who married in Dartington in 1621 the fate of John, Jane and their son Raffe is unknown, so John could have remarried to Agnes. 

Unlinked families

Although quite a few links can be hypothesised between the various families shown here it is important to remember that there are many gaps in the Parish Register coverage of this area, with no BTs before the early C17th (and then many years, often significant spans of years, missing) and very few wills due to the WW2 losses. Where the names are common ones, which many of them area, then it is quite likely that in some cases there was more than one of a suitable age. Hence I feel the suggested links too uncertain to actually link those concerned on the tree.

I do sometimes make links where I don’t have firm evidence; generally these are where I am reasonable sure there is a close link, but uncertain of the relationship – such as that between Leonard and Lawrence. 

The (so far) ‘unlinked’ Issell families

Only has some so far. Recording this has become more complicated as I have researched the Issells / Eastleys etc. not part of the Stokenham family far further forward than I initially planned – due largely to the persistence of the two versions being used in some branches into the C19th, something I had not expected.

I hope to illustrate the unlinked groups in a pictorial form which will make them easier to understand.

Patriarch Birth date Lived in Family* Misc notes
John Issell bef 1472
(bet 1390-1450)
Ashburton unknown Shows Issells were in the area by 1472, John could have been born elsewhere.
Leonard Issell est 1495; by 1515 Dartington pos fr, almost certain close rel, of Lawrence est b 1527 Estimated dob from that for probable son Lawrence. Definitely fr of Joane, bur 1539, so unlikely b aft 1515
Robert Issell est 1500 Ipplepen son Richard
g’sons –
Richard (bap 1558)
John (bap 1562)
Ambrose Estlegh est 1530 Paignton ?? add  
William Eastlye est 1547 Widecombe in the Moor   Estimated date of birth from date of marriage
Walter Estley prob the Walter bap 1556 or 1567 Ipplepen s Christopher (bap 1594)  
Alson Issly   Littlehempston Likely sister of Walter (bap 1567) Parents names not recorded
Walter Issly bap 1567 Littlehempston Likely bro of Alson (bap 1558) Parents names not recorded
Richard Eastley est 1564 Denbury   Probably the son of Robert (above), bap 1558. (Estimate birthdate simply from date or marriage; could easily have been a few years older)
Possibly the father of John, bc 1600, of Stokenham. 
John Eastley est 1586 Abbotskerswell   Probably descended from the Ipplepen family, possibly the son of John (bap 1562) 
Richard Eastley est 1596 ??   Birth estimate from date of marriage licence
Erasmus Eslye est 1558 Plymouth   Despite the similar surname, the unusual Christian  names of both Erasmus and his daughter (Gartherede) may point to an overseas origin, especially in a place like Plymouth where there would have been people from a variety of places in England and abroad.
Thomas Estlye est 1598 Totnes   Birth date estimated from bapt of known children
Thomas Issell est 1660 Stokenham Probably grandson of John, the Stokenham ‘patriarch’  
  • – family names only included when may help to explain possible links between those in this table


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