Richard Halke was a cousin of my 9 x great grandfather, William Halke of Bircholt, whom  he appointed his as his Executor. His probate documents are therefore of particular interest to me in showing something of what William had to do as Executor.

My print off from which I made the following transcription is not the clearest, and a few words are almost certainly mistranscribed. I will be going through those whose meaning is currently unknown to me which will probably help, but I think the majority of words are right, enough to make it worth sharing. Probably not worth copying – if you want a copy I suggest you look for yourself or wait untill I’ve done more work on this.

A true and p[er]fect Inventorye of all & Singuler the goods
Chattels credits & debts of Richard Halke late of the parish of
Hastingligh in the Countye of Kent yeoman deceased made and
indifferentlye apprysed by those whose names are hereunder written
the xxth day of Februarye Anno Dni 1624

Imprimis his purse girdle readye money &
wearing apparell
In the Chamber over the parlour
Item two standing bedsteedlis & one truckle bed xxs
Item one Featherbed & feather boulster two
feather pillowes two blanckets & one Covering
Item two flockbeds, Two Coverlets foure blanckets
one feather boulster & one flock boulster
Item one great Chest, two other smaller chests
one small boxe one ould chayre two lowe foote formes
standing by the bedsides one presst[?] & one cradle
In one of the sayd Chests
Item xv payer of sheets vii table clothes two douzn
& a halfe of napkins, iiii payer of pillowbeeres, vi handtowels
Item two great Chargers two dousen of small platters
one dousen of small fruite dishes, viii sausers, two pewter
saltes & foure pewter candlesticks
In the next Chamber
Item two ould truckle bedsteadles one small featherbed
one flockbed, one white blanckett & two other blanckets,
one boarded chest one feather boulster, two feather pillowes
In the parlour
Item one joyned bedsteddle wth Saye Curteynes one Featherbed
two blanckets, one Coverlett one feather boulster, wth matts
& Repe[?] Curteyne Rods & valence
Item one presse one Court Cubbord one short settle
two joyned Chayres
Item one Joyned drawing table, twelve Joyned stooles
six lowe Joyned stooles, & viii ould Cushions
Item one Silver beaker one small Cup & fower
Silver Spoones
iii p
Item one small double silver salt, one payer of
great bradirons & one Bible booke
iii p
Item one payer of Tongues two small Creepers
& a fire slice
iiii s
Item two ould Curtens & Curten rods with a
looking glasse
iiis vid
In the Hall
Item one long table one forme one round Table
a paynted cloth & a Latlise[?]
Item a Corplett a pike & horsemans peece xs
Item six brasse pots & one brasse panne
Item two brasse Chasing dishes two litle kettles
two stupretts & a brasse Ladle
iii p
Item one brewing Copper, one large brasse kettle
one brasse chaster, & an other great kettle
Item two Iron Rackes & two brandirons ixs
Item two dripping pans, three payer of pothakes
one frying panne, three spitts
Item one brewing Turne, three Tubs, & five keelers xxs
In the Bakehouse
Item one malt Querne, a kneading trough
& a moulding board
In another Roome by
Item one wollen wheele an ould Cupbord & other lumber there iiiis
In the Seller
Item twentye milke Trugs, vii beere vessels, a safe & stalders
for beere to stand upon, a Candle mould, & a Salt Stocke
In the loft over the entrye
Item a Table, & tow Joyned formes xiiis iiiid
Item vii brasse Candlesticks & a warming panne ixs
Item two Chayres & two stooles iiis
In the Cheese house
Item one Tunne[?] & a Cheese presse iiiis
In the wheate lofte
Item a Skrye a bushel & a vanne[?] vis
Item one Cowe iii l
Item a sheat [1], or young hogge vis
Item Lumber, & other thinges forgotten xiid

John Taylor                        Richard dallye                       sume } [blank – actually comes
to £49-17-10]
Richard Morris                                                               totall }

Item there are owing to the sayd deceased upon two Bonds
The one wherof is 44l & the other ten pound in all 54 l:, wch } liiii li
when they shalbe receyved, (for asyet they are not payable,)
the executor will charge himselfe

And as touching the 400l mentioned in the will, to be owing
to the deceased, by one obligation wherin his Cousen Daniell Harveye
John Harveye & Eliab Harveye of London stand bound
unto him wch 400l the sayd deceased hath appoynted in his will } CCCCli
to be payd to his sonne William according to the Condicon of
the same obligation wch is after the death of his the sayd deceads
wife, In case the same 400l or any part therof shall ever
come to the executors hands he wille chargeable with the same
& not otherwise .//

Item a debt of xviiili owing by
Margaret Wells widow payable at
certeyne sev[er]all times hereafter to come } x viii li

Ex?? fuit humoi Ju?? Ex?? 20o die
Junii 1616 p[ro] …

This is a transcript of the inventory, archives ref: PRC/28/13/29 (held at the KHLC, viewable on microfilm there or at the CCA).

The related will can be seen here, and the executor’s accounts here.

[1] Sheat – shown in the online OED as a dialect word for a pig under one year old; of the 7 quotations 3 refer to Kent and one to Sussex. One of the former is more specific than the OED; “They [Kentish men] defined ‘sheets’ to be ‘pigs between the age of six and ten months’. ” (in Notes & Queries 1st Ser. VI. 339/1)


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