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Sorry if you've been waiting a while for a response from me. At times my tree generates more contacts than I can give a worthwhile response to, but I hope to catch up soon.

The purpose of this website is to ease the sharing of my family tree information with others with common interests. As well as the basic tree, I am gradually adding pictures relating to it - people, places, graves and a Family prayer book and Bible, etc.
I am very happy for others to use the information and my pictures etc. for their family trees (non-commercial use only - see the Creative Commons licence in the footer) - I would be interested to hear if you are, please do let me know. (Please do check the owner/source field below images and respect any restrictions)

No guarantee of accuracy - I'm sure I have made transcription errors, trusted others research too much, made my own faulty assumptions etc. along the line, although I try to get it right. If you take info. it's on this understanding. And I'd really like to put right any errors so would be grateful if you 'd contact me if you see any.

To be fixed / added

At present I have uploaded the basic tree, as created by the family tree software I've been using for a few years (Legacy). Initially I was using it just for my own benefit and didn't see the need to copy sources from my notebooks. Adding good source information is in progress; eventually it should all be done. If you are interested in source(s) for a particular event please ask. I think I didn't notice what assumption was making re OS / NS dates when I started using it, so some pre 1752 Jan - March dates may be a year out. Some have been corrected, hopefully all will be in time. Added to this Legacy created a double dating bug early last year that they haven't yet fixed. The dates as displayed are New Style; I hope they will return to double dates soon.

You on the tree

To protect privacy by default I don't show those who could well be living. But I can also show your details if you wish - I have to pretend you are dead - your details will have a "died" line but I will set this to show 'No', (it's what I do for myself). If you are related and would like to be present but just as "living" and aren't currently let me know. (Being present in either way has the advantage of making it easy to check your relationship to anyone on the tree.)

BMD certificates

In an update to the rules in 2009 it beacame permissible to share BMD certificates online for all to see. Nearly all I have are on this site, with links to them from the appropriate person or family and event.

Parish Register and Census entries

Copyright of images and other legalities restricts the publication of images here, but I am in the process of adding transcribed data.

Chancery and other TNA documents

Where copyright hasn't expired most of these are Crown copyright, but this is waived so we are free to publish transcripts. More will be appearing soon.

First attempt

I started a site at; I will discontinue that in time (probably keep the name and point it here) but at present there are links to photos, wills etc. on it that are not yet on this site.

Do get in touch!

I have a backlog of people I've promised information to - I intended to tidy my notes and work through my contacts in 2011, but got distracted by the excitement of fresh research. Apologies if you're waiting to hear from me; I'll try to be more organised in 2012. But I'd still love to hear from you if we share ancestors or you otherwise find something of interest on this site.

Queries and suggestions very welcome but it may take me some time to do more than acknowledge you.


Feature Articles


feature 1 Thomas Becon: a Reformation Theologian One of the earliest ancestors I know of was a theologian at the dangerous time to be one: the Reformation. He wasn't burnt at Oxford but was in the Tower of London for a time before escaping to the continent ...

feature 2 A Royal Tuck Shop My maternal grandmother assisted her parents and grandparents in running a Tuck Shop / tea rooms - but one with a difference, as it's clientele included Royalty!

feature 3 The Inmans: a family of characters My paternal grandmother was an Inman and came from a family of interesting characters. My great grandfather John seems to have had ideas above his station - he described himself as "gentleman" but the evidence is he was still a servant. A couple of his siblings did achieve more: his brother was deemed worthy of a plaque in Knaresborough Church whilst his half-brother was elevated to the peerage.

feature 4 Goathams at Salter's Platt Goathams were husbandmen (small farmers) with land in Chartham - a lease survives giving more information and I include my attempt (so far) at transcribing this. I believe this family were my direct ancestors and probably direct ancestors of all Goathams or those with Goatham ancestry born in Kent since the mid C17th.

Where are my ancestors from?

View larger map of where my ancestors came from

If I say I'm tracing my family tree I usually get asked where my ancestors came from. Well, the blue placemarks on this map show the counties I have ancestry from, with the yellow showing additional counties my ancestors have lived in briefly (but enough for at least one ancestor to be born there). Pretty scattered, but almost half my ancestry is from Kent and Devon, a quarter each, and the greater part of my research is of those parts.


Contact Me

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.