Kent 'Goathams'

These are on 'my tree'.

Other 'Gothams'

These are on 'Gothams' tree. I have put my 'Gothams' tree online before it is as tidy as I would wish, because I want to share it. Please be aware:
  • that it has a number of speculative links. I hope I have indicated all of these, plus my reasoning in notes somewhere on a page - but e.g. where I am guessing a father-son relationship it may not be on both pages;
  • even where a link does not appear speculative it may be wrong - many Gothams had the same few Christian names and lived in neighbouring parishes; it might seem reasonable to think that a 'John' married in Nnnn Parish was the only one baptised there in the previous 50 years, but there probably instances where he moved away and it was his cousin from across the border;
  • that many sources have not yet been added, or just a hint given.
Please fee free to contact me regarding a link - if you do not understand why I have a link, or my notes or wish to suggest an alternative. Also, feel free to contact me for more information about the sources. Some data is currently only from transcribed data; I aim to check out at least all of the English 'PR' type data in the original documents or (mostly) images of those documents.


In England a married woman was nearly always known by her married name. Some PR entries, especially older ones, do not show if a woman was a spinster or a widow when she married. Whilst I realise in some cases the name I see  woman using at marriage will be that from a previous marriage - this may be the case where the name was Gotham or another - to simply show the name as unknown and bury the likely surname in notes seems unhelpful and so the woman's surname at marriage is shown as her maiden name unless / until I have evidence to the contrary. Similarly with census data, strictly speaking the relationship shown is only to the head of the household. Whilst it was clear this was not always filled in correctly, a more significant issue is that we can't be sure (without other evidence) that sons and daughters of the 'head' were also children of his then wife. Again, I show them as such unless or until I have evidence that they had a different mother. The above considerations are so common that I generally do not note the uncertainty, but leave it to the viewer to bear this in mind.


The Devon Gothams within the 'Gothams' tree are in a number of unlinked groupings; I hope to add a list here of 'heads' of each group soon. I hope it will prove possible to link many of these groups after more research. However, there seem to have been enough Gothams in Devon in the C16th, and few sources from then or earlier that would show relationships, that I don't expect to be able to link them all, even though they may have been closely related. In some instances too many people with the same Christian name may prevent the linking of later groupings. There is also at the time of writing one London and 4 Shropshire / Stoke on Trent groups. I am actively working on researching the Devon Gothams at present; I plan to do more work on other Gothams in the future. Last updated: 20 March, 2015


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