Mary’s will does not seem to have survived, i.e. no doubt it was destroyed with most Devon wills in enemy action in 1942, and no full transcript or copy is known of. The death duties register has an abstract that gives us some limited idea of its content.

The register records the bequests and other matters chargeable with legacy duty; the details were recorded on sheets that were delivered to the office of the Board of Stamps in London, a predecessor of the Inland Revenue. (see TNA website for more details)

(rows in register turned into columns here so that it fits the page in a more readable format)

Date of the
Probate and
Sum sworn.
Feby 26
under 200
Name and Description
of Testator, or Testatrix.
Mary Gotham of Bridestow
Name and Place of Abode
of Executor or Executrix.
Thos Rowe and Jane Hamlyn of Coryton
Ex[ecut]or and Ex[ecu]trix and
Name of the Legatees,
distinguishing the
Residuary Legatee.
residuary Legaties
Degree of Kindred. Bror & Sister
Amount of Legacy
or Annuity.
Particulars of the
several Specific Legacies,
Bequests in Trust – and
of the Residue.
residue of her Estate Goods and Chattles

TNA ref: IR 26/342/377
Subseries IR 26/342 is one of two subseries recording the particulars for wills proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Totnes in Exeter Diocese.

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