Thw will of Ann Pinson BOWEN, née GOTHAM.

(line breaks as in the PCC register copy)

Barnstaple 21 March 1821
In the Name of God Amen I Ann Pinson
Bowen in sound reason & health blessed be God for the same do request as
my last Will that after my funeral expences and[1] paid what property may then
belong to me to be disposed of as follows that the two hundred and twenty pounds
that I have in the Stocks in the 3 pr Cts. Navy [2] with what interest from that and
other monies in the Bank with the profits of two vessels the Eliza Brig and Brush
Sloop and all rents then due from Estates and the furniture that I have purchased
may be sold and to be disposed of as follows my wish is that my Sister Elizabeth
Jackson may be my Executrix and that she may give as hereafter mentioned fifty
pounds to my brother Henry John Aubrey fifty pounds to Maria Nagles [3] and
thirty pounds each to Eleanor Harris of Ilfracombe and Nancy Evans of
Broadhempston the remainder I beg my dear Sister and her children to accept
to be divided amongst them and what cloathes and trinkets I may then have
may also be divided between my dear Nieces Ann and Mary Jackson
and I trust the Lord will receive my Soul _ Ann Penson Bowen
Appeared personally Joseph Wingyett Hunt of Barnstaple in the
County of Devon Conveyancer and William Raniels of Barnstaple aforesaid
Accomptant and being sworn made oath that they knew and were acquainted
with Ann Pinson Bowen late of Barnstaple in the County of Devon Widow
deceased for some time before and down to the time of her death and that by
means of having seen her write and also write and subscribe her name
they have become acquainted with her manner and character of handwri
-ting & subscription and having now with particular care and attention viewed
and perused the paper writing herto annexed purporting to be and contain
the last Will and Testament of the said Deceased beginning thus “Barnstaple
21 March 1821 In the Name of God Amen I Ann Pinson Bowen in
sound reason and health” ending thus “And I trust the Lord will receive
my Soul” and thus subscribed “Ann Pinson Bowen” these Deponents say
they do verily and in their consciences believe the name “Ann Pinson Bowen”
so set and subscribed to the said Will to be the handwriting and subscription
of the said Ann Pinson Bowen Widow decd. – Jos. W . Hunt _ Wm. Rennels _
On the 14th. August 1822 the said Joseph Wingyett Hunt & William Rennels
were duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit at Barnstaple in the County of
Devon before me _ Henry Nicholls Commissr /
Proved at London 23d August 1822 before the Judge by the oath
of Elizabeth Jackson (Wife of Joseph Jackson Esqr.) the sole Extrix to whom
admon was granted hav.g been first sworn by Comon duly to admr /

TNA ref: PROB 11/1660/389 (more details about source will be available on Ann’s page)

[1] – it does say ‘and’, probably an error when the copy was made (I think this should be ‘are’)

[2] – Note to be added re Navy Stocks

[3] – I suspect that ‘Nagles’ is a mis-transcription of Hoyles, Maria Hoyles being a half sister of Ann


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