pre 1858

Most Devon wills were lost when Exeter was bombed during WW2. Those surviving are mostly those proved in the PCC (generally wills of the better-off or of those who died at sea / overseas) or in the first half of the C19th, when copies kept for inland revenue purposes were saved and placed in the Devon Record Office (now DHC) after WW2.

Transcripts of surviving wills

The aim is to include transcriptions of all surviving pre-1858 wills.

(These pages also include a few where only references to wills survive, but more than will easily fit in the list of other wills known to  have existed)

Others known to have existed

Calendars of some Devon wills (and grants of administration) were made before the wills were lost. These don't cover all wills, only those proved in the Consistory Court of the Diocese and of Exeter Archdeaconry Court. Most of the places Gothams lived in Devon were in Totnes Archdeaconry and would probably have been proved in the court of that Archdeaconry, hence not even a calendar reference is likely to survive.

Occasionally wills are known of from references in other documents.

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