A list of wills attached to people on the Gothams tree can be found here. Wills attached to Goathams on Teresa's tree (i.e. Kent Goathams and their descendants) are listed here. Wills can also be viewed by drilling down through the wills sub-sections: These wills are mostly English ones proved pre 1858 - at £10 each those from 1858 are too expensive for me to buy many! In addition, the wills proved from 1858 on are of less value in both constructing trees and in learning about a person's life, since so much more information is available in this period from other sources. Probate calendar entries for those who died as Go(a)thams for wills proved and grants of administration from 1858 on are included on the individual's page. Links will be added from those named in the entry, where they are on the tree (executors are named in most of these entries but not the more recent ones). I have seen most of those English pre 1858 wills I am aware of where a Go(a)tham was the testator / testatrix at the time of their death, and if not already on this site transcriptions will be added soon, with links to / from all those in the trees on this website. However, most wills are only indexed by testator. I have discovered some with Go(a)tham as beneficiaries and / or mentioned for other reasons, but I am sure there are others waiting to be discovered. If you know of any, or if you have any will transcriptions or wills that you would be happy for me to transcribe then please contact me. Because most Devon wills pre 1858 as well as inventories were destroyed by enemy action in 1942 the amount we can learn about the lives of Gothams is less than it might otherwise have been. Whilst some wills have survived in full or abstract form, through interest in the family before WW2, unfortunately noone seems to have had sufficient interest in the Gotham family back then.