A glance at the index of C19th BMD events in England and Wales, or of censuses shows one of the places where Gothams was concentrated was Lancashire, and in particular Liverpool. A look at the category “All Birth, Marriage & Death, including Parish results for Gotham” on Ancestry seems to show a sprinkling of events in Lancashire before the C19th. However, following these up and examining the images of the entries shows merely a number of mis-transcriptions.

So where did the Lancashire Gothams come from? The answer is that there is no single origin, but there are two main groups:

  • From Devon – several ‘Gotham’ Devonshire mariners from the Teign Estuary area moved to Liverpool in the early C19th
  • From Ireland – not that the name Gotham has been identified in Ireland, other than a few English Gothams briefly dwelling there, but Gotham and similar were used by Mary, an immigrant to Lancashire in the 1840s, and her family. This Gotham family were short-lived, having now daughtered out. They were mainly in the Clitheroe and Darwen area.



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