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Registered with GOONS

I have registered this study with the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) which means that I am committed to collecting all occurences of the surnames Goatham and Gotham that I can, worldwide.

GOONS defines a one-name study thus:

A one-name (or surname) study is a project researching all occurrences of a surname, as opposed to a particular pedigree (ancestors of one person) or descendancy  (descendants of one person or couple). Some ‘one-namers’ restrict their research geographically, perhaps to one country, but true one-namers collect all occurrences worldwide. The purpose of a one-name study is not just about the collection of data. Its aim is to research the genealogy and family history of all persons with a given surname and its linked variants.

(from ‘What is a one-name study?’ on the GOONS website)

This article goes on to explain the different emphases that studies may have. My aims are described here.


To some extent the name defines it but I would like to clarify:

  • This study is about those who have the surname from birth or who acquire it by marriage or otherwise.
  • I am also interested in those who have been given this as a middle name, as this is usually indicative of them having ancestors with the surname
  • Present-day surnames covered: Goatham, Gotham (and various spellings used in the past)
  • Name excluded: van Goethem

Although though who have the name Go(a)tham are the main subjects of this study, they did not of course exist in isolation and so it makes sense to add some non-Go(a)tham family around them. My plan is generally

  • to add non-Go(a)tham husbands and children to Go(a)tham women who marry; possibly also the parents and siblings of a non-Go(a)tham husband;
  • to add parents and siblings to women who became a Go(a)tham by marriage. This is not simply to put them in context, but also because these are amongst the people most likely to mention their Go(a)tham grandchildren or nephews / nieces in their wills. This information can be invaluable in family reconstruction, especially prior to censuses and BMD registration;
  • to add other spouses and children of Go(a)thams spouses and Go(a)thams by marriage;
  • to add other relatives where necessary to show how a person with Go(a)tham as a middle name is linked;
  • to add other relatives mentioned in a will, in a census return with Go(a)thams, in a court case etc. in order to show the connection;
  • to add other relatives where there was more than one Go(a)thams marriage into the same non-Go(a)tham family in order to show this link.

Although this study is not about those who do not have the name but are descended from Go(a)thams, I am happy to add a few non-Go(a)tham descendants to the tree. (I have already added many non-Goatham descendants of my ancestors Charles Goatham and his wife Sybilla and a few from earlier generations may add more from earlier generations of my Kent Goatham ancestors, but I will not personally be studying the non-Goatham descendants of other Gothams).

Adding non-Go(a)tham descendants serves two purposes:

  1. If you are not a Goatham and I add you it can help you see your link to others in the tree (even when just shown as ‘living’ you can set yourself as the default person for relationships and then the top of a page will show how you are related – where known;
  2. it can help others discover their link to the Go(a)thams.

(If I add you or other living people neither your name nor other information about you will be visible to all unless you request it.)

I suggest for non-Go(a)tham descendants you would like added you just send me the main data (with the source of this information):

  • dates and places of birth and / or baptism,
  • marriage(s),
  • death and / or burial
  • and if your wish one or 2 photos of the person.

If you would like more information included I will do my best to add it.

Last updated: 21 November, 2016

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