This page should (providing I remember!) show important corrections to the people in the trees who are part of the Go(a)tham ONS or other information.

Tree information

By important I mean where things like where I have the wrong ‘Joe Bloggs’ marrying ‘Jane Gotham’ or the wrong info. about someone e.g. the wrong baptism or burial, or info. from the wrong census entry. I do not plan to update it if I find that I (or the transcriber for an index I have used) have mis-read or typed 20 for 29, or I’ve typed a birth year of 1872 where it should be obvious I meant 1772 etc.

Other information

The sort of thing I will correct is where I have drawn a wrong conclusion about which group is related to which.

See also my tree corrections (where my tree and the oNS overlap corrections will be on both pages).

Person Date Correction


Other corrections

Last updated: May 24, 2020 at 16:13 pm