This study and even more the pages for it on my website are at an early stage, so how you can benefit so far is limited.

There will be 3 main ways:

  1. Find out more about your Go(a)tham ancestors; find data and photos for your own family tree.
  2. Read interesting facts and stories about Go(a)thams
  3. Advertise your Go(a)thams interests, queries and contact details

I expect to be issuing an e-newsletter every few months to keep you up-to-date with progress.

Please feel free to contact me now to sign-up for the newsletter or with Go(a)tham interests you would like to advertise, and I will note the information for use when I reach that stage.

I also welcome enquiries about Go(a)thams though I don’t promise I will be able to answer them. (At present I know most about Kent Goathams, a certain amount about Devon Gothams, and not much about others).

Advertise your Go(a)thams interests, queries and contact details

Apart from for some of the Kent Goathams this site will have little beyond the Gothams, i.e. I will be adding little about the families the Gothams married into, and there will also be limited details on non-Gotham descendants of Gothams. If you would like to advertise your contact details here you may find others with whom you share an ancestor and an interest in your non-Gotham ancestors (this also applies to Kentish Goathams, most of whom have ancestors who aren’t mine and whose non-Goatham ancestors I am not researching).
Please send:

  • your name / email address
  • whether you would like to be contacted by form or have your email address displayed*
  • your closest Go(a)tham ancestor (name, and if on a tree on this site, the tree and ‘I’ no.)
  • breif notes regarding your interests
  • particular queries (if any)
  • a link to your tree or information about where it may be found (if you wish)

* – there are pros and cons to both. Email addresses on websites can be harvested for spam. captchas used to protect forms from abuse can put people off contacting you. It’s up to you.

Last updated: 7 September, 2014


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