A study of all those who have had the surname Goatham or Gotham, or variants of these, whether by birth or marriage or otherwise: their lives, where they fit on trees and the possible origins of the name.

In January 2014 I become a GOON (i.e. joined the Guild of One Name Studies) and registered the name Goatham and the variant Gotham.

I will be adding more here soon about:

  • what data I already have
  • my plans for collecting more
  • about the help I’d particularly appreciate

Please look back, or if you can’t wait please feel free to contact me.

I am adding the Go(a)tham One Name Study (ONS) pages as part of the website that also contains my family history, Goathams and others. I hope this doesn’t make things too confusing. I am adding a subsection for the ONS; I will be adding the menu properly soon, but here is what I plan for it at the moment (the links show which pages currently exist):

Home Origins and locations The people Interesting stories
About this study names and variants
Trees (probably thru’ the centuries)
Aims of the study and website DNA study Unattached WW1
Plans and priorities England Links to other trees  
Why am I doing this? by name? Contact other researchers  
Benefit from this site Devon Data and media:  
  Kent BMDs / CMBs  
Get involved Lancashire Wills  
  London Equity Court cases  
My ONS Blog Shropshire / Staffordshire (others to be added)  
Administration ‘strays’    
Copyright notice Overseas: Emigrants    
Acknowlegements Australia    
Technical New Zealand    
  South Africa    
  United States    
  Recent origins    
  used as a middle name    
  used in double-barrelled names    

To search for people you can use the search in the sidebar, or go to the advanced search and other search pages for more options (see ‘find’ in the main menu).

Please note:

  • Kent ‘Goathams’ are on ‘Teresa’s tree‘; this also has the rest of my family history, not just Goathams. Two Devon Gothams are also on this tree, due to a link to a distant cousin of mine, but more details for them are with the rest of the Devon ‘Gothams’;
  • other ‘Gothams’ and ‘Gottams’ are on a tree called ‘Gothams

On many pages you will see a ‘tree’* option. You can select one of the 2 above, or ‘All Trees’ to search / see data relating both trees at once.

(* – the word ‘tree’ here may be a little confusing – maybe file would be better; ‘Gothams’, at least initially, probably always, will contain a number of unconnected trees)

I am using the spelling Goatham for the Kent lot, Gotham for most of the others, as this is how they seem to have ended up, and I’m using Gottam where this seems to have been the norm in Shropshire. Sources do or will show the spelling in the original documents. On the advanced search page you can select either the soundex or metaphone last name option to view all at once.
Last updated: 24 May, 2020


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