Manorial Documents Register.

Created in the 1920s, and needed for legal reasons, this is being put online, with much additional information. This started in 1995, but now (Oct 2015) the two counties in which I am most interested, Kent and Devon, are still not online. Work on both is underway; Devon will hopefully be online c. mid-2017; Kent, on which work has only just begun will probably be later.

For counties not yet online the card index can be seen at TNA on microfilm (but of course without updates to the register since the cards were filmed). I have viewed this for a few Devon and Kent parishes and so may (if I have time) begin to look at manorial documents before 2017.

(There are already a few references to manorial documents on the trees here; these are from secondary sources, mainly Dartmoor Press information and W A Roberts book with a transcription of the Elizabethan Court Rolls of Stokenham Manor).

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