What was the Kent Record Office, then the Centre for Kentish Studies is now known as the Kent History and Library Centre.

It is in Springfield in Maidstone.

Unlike most modern archives offices it was not built with suitable parking. There seems plenty nearby for a couple of hours, but if you want to stay all day you may be better using the park and ride or public transport.



Although I was staying on the edge of Canterbury in 2015 I decided to go to the KHLC to print off some wills I was interested in as the CCA just has one machine for doing this and in 2014 I found it overheated after a short while so I had to leave it and do something else till it had cooled down; in 2015 I understand it is still a problem. Looking at wills in Maidstone is even better. You can use a microfilm machine linked to a computer scanner; with just a little practice I was getting better images more easily than on the microfilm reader / printer, and it only costs 10p a sheet instead of 50p. (This applies to other microfilm entries you wish to print off too).


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