Abbreviation for the Devon Heritage Centre, which used to be known as the Devon Record Office (DRO) – various references to it under its old name or initials will still be found, some probably on this website, others at the DHC itself.


About visiting the DHC (links to other info. such as what / how you can access information if you can’t visit the DHC yourself are in the side menu)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service home page

The DHC is run by the Devon Heritage Services, otherwise known as the Devon Archives and Local Studies Service is now under the management of the South West Heritage Trust – which means there far too many names you might come across but you don’t need to know most of them.

The West Country Studies Library (WSL) is at the DHC, though only a few books are on open shelves, most have to be ordered to be viewed. There is an online catalogue.

As well as the North Devon Record Office mentioned on the pages linked to above (and not very relevant to the places people on this website are to be found), Devon records can be found at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office, abbreviated to PWDRO, qv.

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