The RN Service Record of John Bellett, 1798-1826

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The service record of one John Bellett, supplied by Greenwich Pension Office to Greenwich Hospital School when John made an application for his son, another John Bellett, to be admitted to the school in 1839.

Ships Age
Entry Quality Discharge Time
Time Cause Y. M. W. D.
Myrmidon 1-10-0 31 July 98 LM 15 Aug 99 1 2 2
16 Aug 99 Boy 10 Sept 99 3 5
11 Sept 99 LM 24 Apr 02 2 8 2
Impetueux 1-10-0 25 July 03 ord 21 Oct 07 4 3 2 1
1 Nov. 07 Ab 10 June 13 5 7 3 5
Albion 11 June 13 Ab 31 Janry 14 8 1 4
1 Febry 14 Q M 16 Sept 14 8 4
} Borne in terror
Terror 17 Sept 14 Ab 24 Apl. 15 7 3 3
Gunner 24 June 15
ceded 2 3
Prince Borne in terror
Leander 26 Aug 19 Q M 31 Dec 22 P[aid]e off
Briton 23 Janry 23 Yeo: Sig: 30 Apl. 23
1 May 23 Q M 7 Sept 26 P[ai]d off 3 4 2 4

7 Nov 1816 22 8 1 2
£15 – 4 – 0 Life Wounded thigh
15 Sept 1826
£24 – 8 – 0 – Life mercued sion[?] 44 91

Quality i.e. Rank etc.

On the application form, in response to the question ‘Names of all Ships of the Royal Navy in which the Father has served with date of Entr as nearly as can be recollected’ John responsed:

Varlonterd on Bord H M Ship Cambridge in 98 then the myrmeadon then the windsorcastle Paid of in 1802 Falanterd on Bord H M Ship Impetueux July 1803 till 1813 then the albion till [??] 1814 then wounded then the Hospital then the senturan then the Norcessus Florida Melpomaney terror Beim paid of 1815 valenterd on Bord H M Ship Leander 1819 then H M Ship Briton 1823

The main differences seem to be that the list from the pension office don’t mention HMS Cambridge, and John did not mention Prince.

John’s letter to the Hospital:

Dartmouth 10 April 1839


I take the Liberty of adressing you to
requesting the faviour of your interest to
get my Son into Grenwitch School as i have
a family of five[1] Children and the times
are so hard that with my Pension and
what i con get is scarce sufficent to find
them Bread my son is nine years old the
7 January Lost and the faviour of your interfernc[?]
in getting him in to the school will oblidge
your Humble Servant John Bellet i had the
Honour of Serving His Majesty Last Ship in
the Ship Briton and 22 years and 8 months
and other Ships my numerb or on the Pension
List 5390 the faviour of answer will
oblidge Sir your Humble Servant

John Billet

I was wounded with
3 musquet Boals at the
Batel at Balteymore [2]

Julir 7. M. Hardy[?]

[1] It appears that John was probably including two of his wife’s children by her previous marriage in ‘five children’. Whilst he had also had a previous marriage and I don’t know if there had been any issue, when only a few days after this letter he completed on the application form ‘Name and Ages of your [my emphasis] other Children maintained by you’ he named only the two others he had with Sarah Mugford.

[2] Wikipedia article about the battle

All the documents here are in ADM 73/170/8

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