The will of Julian ‘HAWKES’ [HALKE] d. 1589

(formerly Brisland, maiden name unknown)

Possible maiden name suggested by this will not investigated.

Julian was the wife of my 11 x great uncle, Christopher Halke.

In the name of god amen The firste day of
Aprill Anno Dni 1589 I Julian Hawkes of the parishe of
lyd in the Countye of kent widowe sicke in bodye but of good
& p[er]fect memorye praised be god do make this my last will and
testament in manner & forme followyng. Fyrste I bequeathe my
soule to allmightie god hoping by the merittes of Christ his deathe
& passion to be saved And my body after this lyfe to the earthe And
all my moveable goodes whatsoever unto me apperteyning any manner
of wayes I will & bequeathe unto William Swan of Wye in the
County aforesaid gent wyome I make my sole Executor of this my
present testament & last will he the sayd William Paying out of
the sayd moveable goodes these legacyes giftes & bequeathes hereafter
following, To mr Thomas Swan xxli To my sister (lillies ~
wifes mother) vli. To thre young men my sisters sonnes xvli. To
the pore of lid xl?. To lillies thre children at eightene yeres
of age fyve markes a peece. To mr Thomas Oldfeild of
Feversham in five yeres fyve poundes To Drainer of ~ ~
Biddenden fowre poundes To mr William Swannes daughters
xxli. To my sister lillies mother other iiili. To my thre payde
servantes ev[er]ie of them xxs. & to every of them xxs. a pece in
goodes To Edmond Clerk that maried my mayd five poundes
To the pore of lid mor xxs. To Studders wife – xls To ~
goodwife Brasbridge xls. To lamberts wife xls. To old
Dorothe xxs. To Anne hardiman at day of mariage fyve
poundes To mr Richard Halden mynister in fyve yeres five
poundes . To my boye – xls. To Drayner other xxs. To mr
William Swanes nurse xxs. To Osborns wife my gilt salt
piece iiili. To widowe Gates xxs. To Ral my man – xxs. To
my miller xxs. To Julian Drayner xls. To lillies wife
twentie shillinges in housholde To Findall xxs. wittnesses at
the ensealing hereof John Swan Gregorye Coting

Probatum fuit dcm testamentum coram
nob[il]is Stephans lakes legum doctore Civitatis et
dioc Cantur Com[m]issaris gen[er]ali &c xxvi Maii
1590 Juramentis testionn in dco testato. noiatom
Jurato[ru]m Ac p[er] nos approbatu[m] &c Ac Com[m]issa
fuit p[er] nos Admistram bonor &c Willimo Swan
Executori p[ri]mitus Jurat salvo jure cuiuscu[m]que

My translation of the Probate statement:

The said will was proved
before the noble Stephen Lakes Doctor of Laws Commissary
General of the city and Diocese of Canterbury the 26 May
1590 By the oaths of the witnesses named in the said will
And was approved by us etc. And by Commission
by us Administration of the goods etc. to William Swan
Executor he having been first sworn Saving all rights whatsoever


Not a very interesting will from the point of view of the Halke family, as none of the beneficiaries have familiar names; some are clearly Julian’s relations, others probably are. I do find it interesting to see who widely dispersed Julian’s beneficiaries were. It would appear that although twice married she had either had no children or none survived her.

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