Where I have come across or can find enough information about an individual and it seems worth adding an account of their life (or part of their life), then I will add a page or pages in this section.

Sometimes (as with my parents and my Grandfather, Henry Bailey and possibly my other grandparents) I have far too much to add to the standard ‘person’ page, sometimes it would not be too much but I think a seperate page will make for a more readable account.

Mostly I will be doing this for my direct ancestors, but occasionally for others, perhaps because their lives seem particularly interesting to me, maybe because they have no descendants to tell their story.

There are links both ways between these pages and the ‘person’ pages attached to my family tree. On these ‘person’ pages you can see the usual life event details (where known), BMD certificates (where I have copies or images), etc. You can also see what I know of the ancestors and descendants of a person.