Most of this website consists of my tree, though it isn’t practical to include the pages in the drop down menu.

There are pages about individual people, with very varied amounts of information, photos and documents attached. Also on an individuals page you will find links to pages for their parents, spouse(s) and children. If a map shows it is probably not the end of the page – don’t miss links and notes that may be beneath it.

You can find these pages by using the search in the left sidebar, or via the “Advanced search” page – this allows a search using soundex which helps find varied spellings.

Or you can go to the place search to see all* the people on my tree with links to particular places

(* – for many people on my tree where I have found them in censuses etc. is only in the notes, not included in “events” fields so they won’t show up – I am slowly changing this)

You can view “family pages” – showing a couple with their offspring (where any – that I know of) – find via a family search or go to the family page from links on an individuals page.

Also, from an individual page you can use the menu bar at the top to view an ancestor or descendant chart. Once you have selected the default view you can change the number of generations that will display (nb the maximum allowed heremay be very slow), and select from a number of view options. All views allow you to click on a person to view their individual page.



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