The One Name Study

The one name study aims:
  • to identify as many Goathams, Gothams and those with variant spellings who have lived as possible;
  • to assemble data relating to these people – BMD / CMB events, census data, wills, educational and occupational records etc.;
  • to assemble trees to see how these people are related;
  • to have as few unlinked strays as possible!
I hope to find out if / how the various groupings relate to each other, but to describe it as an aim may be an overstatement, since I suspect the information may not survive to permit this. DNA tests may offer a possibility, but even then there are limitations (see my page regarding a DNA study for more detailed considerations).

This website

  • firstly, to enable me to share the fruits of my research;
  • secondly, to encourage and help others to contribute to this study;
  • thirdly, to help those with Go(a)tham ancestors find others interested in the same branch (with whom, of course, they will share non-Go(a)tham ancestors and may wish to share information).
Last updated: 5 February, 2015


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